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雅思 口语关于电影的话题



1 What type film do you like / what kinds of films do you like to watch?

I like to watch action and science fiction films.

Action , Science-fiction, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Thriller, Drama, Horror, Fantasy, War, Animated,

G (general),PG-13 (parental guidance),R-rated (restricted)

2 are these kinds of films popular in your country?

Yes, very popular. People love to go to cinema to wch those kinds of films to let them relieve their stress and relax.

3 Which was the best film you ever saw?

The talented Mr. Ripley.

4 What type of film do your friends like

Almost all my friends like action film.

5 Will the interesting change with the age of the people

Yeah! I think so! Different age groups of people like to watch different kinds of movies. Normally it’s like that kids like cartoon films, teenagers like fantasy films, young people like romantic and action films, adults like all kinds of films and old people like drama and ethical films.

6 who is your favorite actor/ actress?

My favorite actor is Nicholas cage and actress is Catherine Zeta-jones.

7 would you like to be a film star?

Yes, I would if I could!

雅思口语old people话题

1. At what age are people considered to be “old” in China?


That is really a big question. People’s views much be divided on this. From my perspective, …


The easiest way to divide the old from all is to judge according to the chronological age. In the past, people over 70s are considered to be old, but this line has been shifted gradually with the time goes by, because people nowadays live much longer than before. Many older people can still make great contribution to the society, so broadly speaking, I think, those over 80s, or those who are no longer physically capable can be regarded as just entering the twilight life.


The biological age has no longer been the only judgment, because the real psychological age and the physical fitness differ from person to person, and they seem to be more important for others to decide whether the person is qualified as “old” or not.


Broadly speaking, when people are over their 50s, they will gradually feel that they are getting older. Indeed, the physical and mental condition do decrease year by year, with a higher possibility of suffering from diseases and less tolerant and acceptable to different opinions and new ideas.


I firmly believe that being “old” is simply connected with the state of mind. If one loses passion for life, they are indeed becoming old. This is why, in China, we tend to describe someone who show very little enthusiasm to life as an old bookish man.

2. Why do old people today live longer than in the past?


The advance in medical service means that more diseases become curable and can be easily diagnosed at an early age. Senile diseases such as diabetes and hypertension are less common among the older pensioner and most of them can even live very long with the illness being uncured permanently.


Food nutrition has also been largely improved, not only because of the development in farming skills but also because of the fertilizers that are used to ensure a higher proportion of diverse types of vitamins being reserved during the planting process within a less time period.


Another important factor is the widespread scientific reports that emphasize the positive effects of regular exercise on people’s physical fitness, so most of the modern people become more aware of the importance of doing sports and many older people, with more time available after retirement, participate actively in various sorts of sports.


Besides, regular health check has been required by most companies nowadays in China and younger people also arrange this activity for their aging parents. It is now fair to say that many potential health hazards can be easily found in advance and therefore be avoided eventually.


More attention has been paid for the aging society, so government and private charity groups have set up many nursing house and other accessible facilities for the senior citizens, which means generally, a higher living standard can be expected and people then live much longer under a better welfare system.


1. Are there many people living near you?

If yes:

Yeah there are, because I live in quite a residential area, and so most of the buildings around my home are apartment blocks.




If no:

No, I wouldn’t say there are, because I mean, a lot of the flats where I live are empty, which is probably due to the fact that most of the people who bought them didn’t actually plan on moving in, but instead bought them simply as an investment. So yeah, it’s a pretty quiet neighbourhood.



2. Do you know all your neighbours?

Answer A:

Well, I wouldn’t say I know all them, but I know a fair few, and that’s mainly because I spend quite a lot of time in gardens of my apartment complex, which is how I got to know them.


Answer B:

No not really, because my neighbours tend to keep (pretty much) to themselves. You know, I mean, if I happen to see them, we might say hi to each other, but that’s about it, and then they’ll just continue with doing whatever it is they’re doing.


3. When do you see your neighbours?

I guess the time when I mostly see them is when I’m in the lift of my apartment block. You know, that’s pretty much the only time I come into contact with them, because I don’t really know them all that well, so I’ve neverbeen round to any of their homes or anything like that.


4. How often do you see your neighbours?

Well I guess it depends, because I mean, during term time, I don’t see them at all, cos I’m away at university,. but during the holidays, when I’m back home, I guess I probably see them about three or four times a week, because I’m quite good friends with a few of them.


雅思口语person similar to you话题

Think of a person in your family that is the most similar to you.

Who is this person?

How is he/she similar to you?

What kind of family is yours? Is it of a typical family structure in China?

My family is a typical family in China. There are grandparents, parents, a brother, my wife and I in my family.I look just like my father. Medium build ,pointed nose and dense black hair. My father is very kind and easy going. His love is the most selfless love. I am luck enough because I have a good father. My father has been specially thirsty for knowledge as he had only a few years of schooling himself. He believe that knowledge can change fate. So, my father offer more opportunity for me to study (no matter how poor my family was) To sum up, my family is harmony and our life is very happy.

1) What do you think are the differences between families in and past and today, and what have caused these changes?

In the past, there were several children in a family. But now, government has is sued "one--child policy" to limit the size of the family. So, there is only one child in a family. Couples will be punished financially if they have more than one child. This is "one -- child policy ".

2)What is your opinion of "one--child policy"?

I agree with one--child policy. Because it is difficult to provide enough food and education for a large number of people. So, government must control the population. Also, it is the best way that we can find to control population.

3)What has your government done to support families?

Such as Project Hope . It means that government supports the students in poor families to continue their schooling and improving their education conditions. In addition, our government establishs beadhouse to provide services for old people who have more difficulties or no families to take care of them.

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