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Nowadays, with the rapid development of economy and society, it seems that the rich become richer while the poor get poorer. However, this phenomenon is obviously against the goal of narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor in the trend of globalization. Personally, I am convinced that this situation is caused by capital and social relationship, and certain solutions can be proposed.

It is evident that fixed income like salary does not make a persom rich, but investment does. While rich people seperate their extra money and put it into stock market and real estate, poor families are calculating the money spent on food, clothing and transportation. As money breeds money, the affluent become richer.

What's more, a rich person has connections with a host of other wealthy people who may provide him/her chances to earn more money. In order to achieve a win-win situation, rich people do their friends a favor by introducing new business to them. By contrast, needy people are always surrounded by their deprived counterparts who may do nothing help to get rid of poverty.

To tackle this situation, the government should dedicate itself to protecting the rights of the needy. The priority should be given to the tax police. By taxing the affluent more and stopping taxing the poor, deprived family may save more money in spite of their tiny incomes. Furthermore, state enterprises and private companies may provide the needy with jobs and larger opportunities. As is known to all, poor people have nothing but potential. Above all, the impoverished people themselves should establish their self-confidence, learn more skills and do everything they can to change their lives.


For centuries, human society has been blessed with the exploitation of fossil fuels like oil as it unprecedentedly advances industrial production.However, gradually, people become aware that the blessing could turn out to be a "curse" since the consequent pollution has been seriously endangering our existence. Personally, I am convinced that reduction of fossil fuel consumption must be promoted and enforced around the world.

The sophisticated technology like oil drilling and the oil or coal economy in many parts of the world seem to be so alluring that some people can hardly give up fossil fuels. They harbor the view that fossil fuels are still in abundance, and the related facilities and techniques for obtaining and processing the raw materials like crude oil are so developed that the cost of producing energy is at a historically low level. For these reasons, countries relying heavily on oil economy and well-known energy companies tend to be particularly resistant towards the idea of giving up the fuels. However, for me, these views could hardly be justified.

Firstly, the economic benefits are quite likely to be offset by the huge cost of improving the polluted environment. Burning coal, for instance, may be relatively economical compared with using alternative energy like solar power. Nevertheless, the governments’ efforts on reducing pollutants like PM 2. 5 could entail more spending.

Furthermore, some countries may financially benefit from production of the oil or other fossil fuels, and many developing countries might argue that fossil-fuel-based industrialization weigh more than protection of the environment. However, the air pollution and the consequent climate change are the threats to be confronted by all human beings. In other words, in the face of deteriorating environment, the enormous wealth some countries accumulate and the economic progress others achieve may lose their charm. After all, to survive and flourish on a clean planet is our ultimate goal.

Finally, as long as all the countries enforce the reduction of fossil fuel consumption, the technology for better utilizing the fuels and exploration of renewable, alternative resources could be advanced, finally proving us a "clean new world".

In conclusion, despite obstacles, for the benefits of the whole world and to bring forth improved technology and cleaner energy sources, countries around must collaborate to reduce fossil fuel consumption.



Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Can two people be goodfriends if one person has more money than the other?

Friendship is a relationship with unconditional support, love, care and a sense of security. Areal friendship technically couldn’t be jeopardized by factors such as money.

Two good friends with one of them richer are actually more likely to maintain a stablerelationship than those who possess more equal wealth. When the relatively less rich persongets into financial trouble, he could easily turn to his friend who will help him through hardshipfinancially. There was a well-known legend, dating back to the Spring and Autumn period whichwas approximately three thousand years ago, about Guan Zhong and Bao Shuya’s friendship.Guan was poor but very talented and Bao took a tremendous amount of money to assist himto study and establish his career. Years later, their friendship still was maintained so well thateven Guan because the prime minister of the enemy state of Bao’s.

In contrast, equally rich friends sometimes end up with being enemy. The reason is simple. Thevery nature of human being has one evil aspect: jealousy. Good friends usually know eachother much better than the other people around. It is very hard to avoid that one of themstarts comparing all sorts of things such as wealth, fame, achievements and so on. In MonteChristo, Fernandez was so jealous of Dantes that he eventually betrayed Dantes and didn’thesitate to push him into the jail and stole his beautiful fiance.

Those things I have mentioned above can be viewed as money is far less than important in ahealthy friendship. What real friends can give us is that they are always there. A lot of myfriends are working in careers such as freelance writing and mountain climbing. They don’t makeas much money as I do. But when we get together and have a couple of drink, we never everconsider who is richer. Actually, this is the only moment when I am able to take off the maskand demonstrate a real me. One day, one of my best friends claimed that he went bankruptcyand he decided to pack up to go wandering first. He didn’t want any money from me but toldme that he made friends with me not because of my wealth but my personality.  The shining side of humanity is that we were born with free spirit and people make friends bylooking for ones who share the same spirits. Money comes and goes easily and has nothing todo with friendship.

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